Covid-19 Corona Virus Update by House of Doors - Roanoke, VA

We are clearly living in unprecedented times. 
The current crisis calls for all of us to do our parts - from social distancing to protecting, repairing and installing the United States basic architectural infrastructure. 
Governors across the country including here in Virginia are calling for the closure of non-essential business in order to help control the spread of  COVID-19 (Corona Virus).
House of Doors - Roanoke, VA is a business that is essential to the safety, security, health and well-being of Americans and American Businesses. As such, House of Doors - Roanoke, VA will continue to operate to further the safety and health needs of our great country.
We take our responsibility very seriously and will continue to operate in a safe and healthy manner. This includes adhering to safety procedures as outlined by the CDC and OSHA.
Should the state's directive or guidance change in the future, we will issue an update. 
We appreciate you and the relationship we have and look forward to "business as usual" in the near future.


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