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House of Doors - Roanoke, VA new location - 221 Simmons Drive Cloverdale, VA 24077

House of Doors - Roanoke, VA 221 Simmons Drive Cloverdale, VA 24077 Phone: 540-765-2173 Fax: 540-765-2202

House of Doors - Roanoke, VA is on the move

Please continue to keep us in mind for all of your commercial door, frame, hardware, toilet partition, toilet accessory and ADA low energy door operator needs. As always installation and field service is available.

Throwback Thursday: Code Required Metal Shims for Fire Rated Doors Available from House of Doors - Roanoke, VA. Original post from March 4th 2014

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 80 - 2007 edition requires the use of metal hinge shims for use with fire rated doors if the doors are wood or metal. House of Doors - Roanoke, VA is your source for code approved metal hinge shims. Contact us today for pricing. As a reminder annual inspections for swinging fire rated doors are required by the State of Virginia Fire Prevention Code in accordance with National Fire Protection Association 80 2007 edition. Contact House of Doors - Roanoke, VA or our sister company Accuwrite Door Inspections LLC for more details to ensure that your commercial building meets code.