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+++Fire Rated Doors - Common Violations+++

As you look around your facility at your fire rated doors you may not be aware of some of the more common violations that void your fire ratings:
1. Painted or missing fire labels
2. Poor clearance around perimeter of your door in the closed position
3. Use of kick-down door holders / doors blocked in a hold open position
4. Broken veneer on a wood door / puncture of metal skin on a metal door
5. Broken or defective hardware items
6. Missing or incorrect fasteners
7. Bottom flush bolts that do not project 1/2" into the strike
8. Auxiliary hardware items that interfere with the intended function of the door (barrel bolts, deadbolts, etc)
9. Area surrounding the fire door assembly blocked by furniture, equipment, boxes, etc.
If even one of these issues is present your door assembly is in violation and is no longer considered a fire rated assembly.

House of Doors, Inc in conjunction with Accuwrite Fire Door Inspections, LLC is able to both inspect your assemblies as required by NFPA 80, 2007…