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**Specialty Door Specific Fasteners and Accessories**

House of Doors is pleased to announce its newest addition to its product catalog:
Specialty Door Specific Fasteners and Accessories
House of Doors now carries a wide range of hard to find door specific fasteners and accessories to make your job easier, faster and more efficient. Including but certainly not limited to:
-Hinge Fasteners - Self Tapping
-Oversized Metal Hinge Fasteners - Self Tapping
-Oversized Wood Hinge Fasteners - Chrome and Brass
-Closer Bracket Fasteners - Self Tapping
-Glazing Bead Fasteners - Self Tapping
-Weatherstrip/Brush Astragal Fasteners - Self Tapping
-Kickplate Fasteners - Self Tapping
-Wood and Masonry Frame Fasteners
-Magnetic Bit Holders
-SDS and Straight Shank Carbide 1/4" Masonry Bits
-#2 and #3 Phillips Head Bits
-Graphite For Sticking Lock Cylidners
All fasteners and accessories are in stock and ready for pick-up or shipment. Please feel free to contact us today for pricing and/or ordering.

***Helpful Hint***

I get asked a lot about how to hand a door. The chart below sums it up nicely.
Please keep us in mind for all of your door, door frame, door hardware, bath parition and accessory needs.
As always installation is available as well as service work for your existing materials.
Thank you and take good care