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+++Aluminum Geared Continuous Hinges+++

The truth about aluminum geared continuous hinges: Myth: Geared aluminum continuous hinges are difficult to install
Fact: Geared continuous hinges are no harder to install than a set of butt or pivot hinges and require no costly mortising, preparations or reinforcement - House of Doors offers installation
Myth: Geared aluminum continuous hinges are expensive
Fact: Though initially they may cost slightly more than traditional butt hinges it has been proven that a continuous geared aluminum hinge may last 50+ years and requires no maintenance, saving you SUBSTANTIALLY over the life of the assembly
Myth: Aluminum hinges are not as strong as stainless steel hinges
Fact: Geared aluminum continuous hinges have been proven to last over 25,000,000 cycles and are available to hold doors up to 1,000lbs
Geared aluminum continuous hinges are a secure and long-term solution for high-traffic commercial door openings, they reduce maintenance cost while outperforming tradtional butt hinges in school…