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This day in history ...... January 19th

This day in history ..... 1. The first episode of the Dick Van Dyke was filmed  2.Sandy Koufax, Yogi Berra and Early Winn were elected to the MLB Hall of Fame 3. Sgt Slaughter defeated the Ultimate Warrior for the WWF Championship  4. U.S. First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton was supoenaed to appear before a fedeeral grand jury concerning billing records related to the Whitewater investment venture. 5. The original Batmobile for the TV series "Batman" sold at auction for $4.6 million - it was the first of six Batmobiles produced for the show. 6. The House of Doors - Roanoke, VA opened its doors for the first time
All these things happened on January 19th through out history...  
On January 19th 2017 House of Doors - Roanoke, VA will begin our 9th year providing Southwestern Virginia including the Roanoke and New River Valleys with sales, service ( repair ), and installation of commercial doors, frames and hardware . Thank you to everyone for your continued support and business! 

House o…