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***Door Dolly***

House of Doors is proud to offer the Door Dolly.

The Door Dolly is a must have for all of your installation needs.

The Door dolly helps you to:

*Cut down cost due to lost time from injuries

*Cut down labor cost

*Improve productivity

Contact us today for pricing.
Keep us in mind for all of your door, door frame, doors hardware, electronic access control, ADA low energy automatic door operator, bath partition and bath accessory needs.

**Specialty Door Specific Fasteners and Accessories**

House of Doors is pleased to announce its newest addition to its product catalog:
Specialty Door Specific Fasteners and Accessories
House of Doors now carries a wide range of hard to find door specific fasteners and accessories to make your job easier, faster and more efficient. Including but certainly not limited to:
-Hinge Fasteners - Self Tapping
-Oversized Metal Hinge Fasteners - Self Tapping
-Oversized Wood Hinge Fasteners - Chrome and Brass
-Closer Bracket Fasteners - Self Tapping
-Glazing Bead Fasteners - Self Tapping
-Weatherstrip/Brush Astragal Fasteners - Self Tapping
-Kickplate Fasteners - Self Tapping
-Wood and Masonry Frame Fasteners
-Magnetic Bit Holders
-SDS and Straight Shank Carbide 1/4" Masonry Bits
-#2 and #3 Phillips Head Bits
-Graphite For Sticking Lock Cylidners
All fasteners and accessories are in stock and ready for pick-up or shipment. Please feel free to contact us today for pricing and/or ordering.

***Helpful Hint***

I get asked a lot about how to hand a door. The chart below sums it up nicely.
Please keep us in mind for all of your door, door frame, door hardware, bath parition and accessory needs.
As always installation is available as well as service work for your existing materials.
Thank you and take good care

+++Toilet Partitions+++

As a reminder wesupply and install toilet partitions in a wide variety of materials including:

Baked Enamel
Solid Plastic
Stainless Steel
House of Doors also supplies and installs toilet accessories including but not limited to:
Grab Bars
Soap Dispensers
Toilet Paper Holders
Paper Towel Holders
Repair of your existing partitions is also available.
Please keep us in mind for all of your door, door frame, door hardware, ADA low energy automatic door operator, toilet partition and toilet accessory needs.

++ Cut Down Your Cooling and Heating Bills Today! ++

Cut Down Your Cooling and Heating Bills Today!
House of Doors stocks a full compliment of weatherstrip, thresholds, astragals, and sweeps to seal your doors to help with your costly cooling and heating bills.
House of Doors offers installation on all products that we sell as well as complimentary field verification to ensure the proper product at the most affordable price. Contact us today.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

+++Fire Rated Doors - Common Violations+++

As you look around your facility at your fire rated doors you may not be aware of some of the more common violations that void your fire ratings:
1. Painted or missing fire labels
2. Poor clearance around perimeter of your door in the closed position
3. Use of kick-down door holders / doors blocked in a hold open position
4. Broken veneer on a wood door / puncture of metal skin on a metal door
5. Broken or defective hardware items
6. Missing or incorrect fasteners
7. Bottom flush bolts that do not project 1/2" into the strike
8. Auxiliary hardware items that interfere with the intended function of the door (barrel bolts, deadbolts, etc)
9. Area surrounding the fire door assembly blocked by furniture, equipment, boxes, etc.
If even one of these issues is present your door assembly is in violation and is no longer considered a fire rated assembly.

House of Doors, Inc in conjunction with Accuwrite Fire Door Inspections, LLC is able to both inspect your assemblies as required by NFPA 80, 2007…

+++Aluminum Geared Continuous Hinges+++

The truth about aluminum geared continuous hinges: Myth: Geared aluminum continuous hinges are difficult to install
Fact: Geared continuous hinges are no harder to install than a set of butt or pivot hinges and require no costly mortising, preparations or reinforcement - House of Doors offers installation
Myth: Geared aluminum continuous hinges are expensive
Fact: Though initially they may cost slightly more than traditional butt hinges it has been proven that a continuous geared aluminum hinge may last 50+ years and requires no maintenance, saving you SUBSTANTIALLY over the life of the assembly
Myth: Aluminum hinges are not as strong as stainless steel hinges
Fact: Geared aluminum continuous hinges have been proven to last over 25,000,000 cycles and are available to hold doors up to 1,000lbs
Geared aluminum continuous hinges are a secure and long-term solution for high-traffic commercial door openings, they reduce maintenance cost while outperforming tradtional butt hinges in school…

+++Fire and Egress Door Assembly Inspections+++

House of Doors is pleased to announce its partnership with Accuwrite Door Inspections LLC.Accuwrite Door Inspections provides fire and egress door inspections as required by NFPA 80 2007. Please feel free to contact Accuwrite today for more information and to ensure your facility is up to code.

ADA Low Energy Automatic Door Operators

Good afternoon. I wanted to take a moment to let you know/remind you that we supply and/or install ADA Low Energy Automatic Door Operators. We offer multipule manufacturers as well as a wide range of options. Please feel free to contact us today to set up an appointment for us to field verify your existing conditions and help you select the operator that will best suite your needs.

Just a reminder we offer installation on all material we sell. We also will service most all brands of hardware, hollow metal frames and doors, wood doors, bath accessories, as well as bath partitions. Should you need field measurements taken or field verification we would be more than happy to provide those services as well.

++New Location++

In celebration of the start of our third year servicing Southwest and Central Virginia we are moving our offices to a new location.

As of Monday the 24th of January 2011 House of Doors will be located at: 7736 Garland Circle Suite 101 Roanoke, VA 24019

Phone and fax numbers will remain as: Phone: 540-765-2173
Fax: 540-765-2202 We will continue to warehouse an extensive selection of doors, door frames, door hardware, bath accessories, and bath partitions. Our new location will provide easier access for pick up and delivery. Feel free to stop by and check out our new offices. Take good care


House of Doorsfirst opened it doors to provide and install custom stile and rail wood doors to the residents of the Washington DC Metropolitan area as well as the federal government. With its most recent incorporation being 1974 tradition runs deep. In the early 1990's House of Doors, Inc dove head first into the world of providing and installing architectural hollow metal and wood doors, hollow metal frames and finished architectural hardware to the commercial, industrial and governmental sectors. In recent years adding commercial bath accessories and partitions.

House of Doors, Inc. was started by Jack Graboyes, with his two sons Steve and Jeff joining him soon thereafter and now with his grandson Travison board it truly is a family tradition. Sales staff participate in the latest continuing education seminars relating to ADA, building & fire codes, electronic/access control hardware, and product applications. Support staff includes highly talented shop mechanics, superior ins…