**Specialty Door Specific Fasteners and Accessories**

House of Doors - Roanoke, VA
Phone: 540-765-2173
House of Doors is pleased to announce its newest addition to its product catalog:

Specialty Door Specific Fasteners and Accessories

House of Doors now carries a wide range of hard to find door specific fasteners and accessories to make your job easier, faster and more efficient. Including but certainly not limited to:

-Hinge Fasteners - Self Tapping

-Oversized Metal Hinge Fasteners - Self Tapping

-Oversized Wood Hinge Fasteners - Chrome and Brass

-Closer Bracket Fasteners - Self Tapping

-Glazing Bead Fasteners - Self Tapping

-Weatherstrip/Brush Astragal Fasteners - Self Tapping

-Kickplate Fasteners - Self Tapping

-Wood and Masonry Frame Fasteners

-Magnetic Bit Holders

-SDS and Straight Shank Carbide 1/4" Masonry Bits

-#2 and #3 Phillips Head Bits

-Graphite For Sticking Lock Cylidners

All fasteners and accessories are in stock and ready for pick-up or shipment. Please feel free to contact us today for pricing and/or ordering.


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